Repair your things - fix it don't bin it!

Every year a huge amount of things are thrown away which could be given a new lease of life with just a simple repair.  Through the Share and Repair project, we are working hard to try and repair items and help people build their repair skills.


repair service

We offer a small item repair service through the tool library.  We’ve fixed all sorts of things including toys, sewing machines, lamps, clocks, radios, hair straighteners, garden tools, hifi systems and Christmas decorations. We will attempt to repair most items including small electrical items however, we cannot repair large electrical items such as white goods, clothing or IT equipment.  

We charge a small fee for our repair service based on the time the repair takes: 

£5 per hour for to 3 hours, £15 per hour thereafter - we will discuss all repairs and timings with you.

Materials required are not included.  If you would like to discuss a repair contact us using the button below.


Repair CAFÉ

The Repair Café concept originated in the Netherlands as a way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill each year.  Volunteers with repair skills donate their time to help others learn to repair their broken things free of charge.  Transition Stirling hosted Stirling's first Repair Café in July 2017, inviting people to bring along a range of broken items from home including small electrical items, clothing & textiles, jewellery and furniture.  We host regular events throughout the Stirling area. We are always looking for volunteers who can give their time and skills to help others at Repair Café.